Algeria ImportAccording to the recent report, it has been indicated that each year, Algeria needs to import about 100,000 tonnes of rice essentially from the countries such as India, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan and Uruguay. It has also been revealed previously that rice was the second Vietnamese products exported to that country, behind coffee; however, since 2014 the Vietnamese rice imports decline. This decrease is due, firstly, to the strong increase in rice imports at low prices from India, Thailand and Pakistan and on the other hand, the Algerian government policies to strictly control imports in order to control the deficit of foreign trade, which tends to widen sharply. Further, however, according to the experts, it is still a potential market for Vietnamese rice. In this aspect, it has also been narrated that Algerian consumers appreciate the quality of it, and the number of workers from Asia, including Vietnam, has beenShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. increasing, which will certainly contribute to the growth of demand for rice in the market.