An indigenous grass growing in Queensland Australia has gained the attention of Indian and Australian Scientists . To research rice both Indian and Australian scientist are committed  According to them this will lead to long term feasibility of rice. Deputy Director of QUT (Queensland University of Technology) center for tropical crops and bio-commodities, Sagdevan Mundree asserted that rice is an essential food grain in the global market and is a staple food. Salinity and drought are dangerous for the long term viability of the paddy. Mundree is leading the team of the scientists, who are working together on the project of finding out that whether the study of native grass grown in Australia can help as a abiotic pressure resolver  or not. Tamil Nadu University in Coimbatore is partner of QUT in this research and this is done in Tamil Nadu Agriculture University only. The native grass on which the research is being done has been proved an extreme tolerant of the as it can survive in drought, salinity and even tough temperature too. 24-72 hours re-hydration also does not impact on it. Same thing should be developed and applied in the rice too and .To research  rice, both Indian and Australian scientist are committed