The hidden truth about food grains supply is to be revealed yet. A great amount of stock is perhaps being sold un- officially.  A great number of stocks of PDS are yet being seized by the middle men, it is declared by V& E Department. Vigilance and Enforcement Department provides statics about food grains and edibles and also monitors the whole process. The Department also claims that brokers are making huge profits by selling the edibles to different rice millers. The hidden truth is that around eighty percent of PDS supply is not reaching to the beneficiary but the middle men are yielding the fruit of them.

If we analyse the data endowed by V&E officials indicates that between July and November near about 631 assessments were conducted in state then it was found that 52,062 quintals of paddy was seized with other edibles like oil, kerosene etc. 13737 quintals of normal rice and 17055 quintals of super fine rice was kept by middle men and 447 cases came into consideration during the similar time duration and were filed under the Essential commodities act, and 80 under IPC.

Actually the real reason behind this seems that the food grain given to the white card holders is of inferior quality and they sell their quota to rural people at more prices and to brokers who later polish and sell the paddy in open market later. This was told by one V&E official only but he also requested that his name should not be publically disclosed. It is suspected that PDS food materials are sold to small restaurants or eateries, which make use low quality grain as ingredient of their dishes and eatables.

It is also difficult to get the reality of such seized stock because the bags are not marked and can be replaced easily by the other  bags and it becomes tough to know that they are subsidized stock bags or not. When there is any variation in their records then only it can be known otherwise not.