Although the percentage of crops sowing in the Telangana is around 85% till date,but continuous rains for the last couple of days can incrase the percentage upto 100 by the end of September.

The sowing area has increased but the question raises is,Is there enough space in warehouses and market yards to store kharif harvest?

Officials of the Andhra Pradesh State Warehousing Corporation (APSWC) said that they have enough space to store the new kharif harvest and till the new harvest come the existing stock at the warehouses will be cleared 

‘’The sowing season is still going on. 100 per cent sowing can be achieved by September,” said B Janardhan Reddy, commissioner & director, Agriculture Department, Telangana. The sowing area in Andhra Pradesh has come down by around 6 % compared to last year.

Sources reveals that the state have a total of 149 godowns  under APSWC with storage capacity21,32,297 tonnes and the occupancy is 19,49,679 tonnes. The godowns include state- owned, hired and investor-owned.

The occupancy ratio is only 66 per cent in state-owned godowns whereas the occupancy stands at 105 per cent in hired and investor-owned godowns each.

‘’By the time kharif harvest is procured, we will have adequate space in godowns to store them,” said an official from the AP State Warehousing Corporation (APSWC).

Space in Market Yards

The vacant space at market yards of Telangana is 2,59,060 tonnes. The total storage capacity at all the market yards in the state is 12,09,360 tonnes. The district with highest storage space available is Adilabad with 7,39,270 tonnes, out of which 1,40,330 tonnes is vacant.

“We are constructing some more storage spaces at the market yards,” said an official from the Telangana Agriculture Marketing Department.

In Andhra Pardesh state there are 1003 godowns at the market yard with a storage capacity of  7,26,542 tonnes. Further,  construction is going on to increase storage capacity at market yards of AP. Complete construction of 64 godowns will add 1,32,000 tonnes capacity, said an official from the AP Agriculture Marketing Department.