The Agriculture and Food Agency has announced on Tuesday, that Taiwan will be donating 17,400 metric tons of rice to 17 countries through international food aid that is we can say Taiwan to donate rice to 17 countries , which is the double the contribution as to last year. The rice is expected to be shipped by 30 June.


Taiwan has been associated with international charity since 2002 to assist countries affected by famine and till date has donated around 250,000 metric tons, helping approximately 32 countries with around 83 million people i.e Taiwan to donate rice to 17 countries.


The contributions are majorly to Philippines (5,100 metric ton) for the typhoon victims, 3100 metric tons for Syrian refugees in Jordan and 2,400 metric tons for Haitians in the Caribbean Country. Other recipients are Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the Solomon Islands, Turkey, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Tuvalu.