Taiwan riceAccording to the sources, it has been reported on Thursday that the Agronomist Guito Laurore, Minister of Agriculture accompanied by Ken Wang, the Secretary of the Embassy of Taiwan (Republic of China), received the visit of officials from the project to strengthen the rice production capacity in the Artibonite Valley.The meeting allowed to review the 5-years project for the period of 2014-2018, which aims to increase production and use of quality seed rice and  to contribute to substantially increase  in the production of rice growers. Further, it can be recalled that the rice seed requirements exceed 4,000 tons and rice production is close to 120,000 tonnes per year for a consumption that exceeds 600,000 tons per year.

As per the results to date of the project showed that 200 multiplying agents have been trained as well as 10 technical engineers and 45 agricultural machinery operators were also trained .In addition, construction of a drying area of 600 m2 with a deposit of 60 m2; 7,600 linear meters of drains have been cleaned while 640 tonnes of commercial seed were produced with an objective of 2,000 tonnes end of 2018. Under this project the direct beneficiaries of the project were 7,000 in total.

Furthermore, in this matter, the Minister Guito thanked the team of Taiwanese cooperation for their solidarity and stressed the importance for the sector, to provide rice growers with quality seeds and especially to train multiplying agents. It has been revealed that this visit was an opportunity for the Secretary Ken Wang to reiterate the contribution of Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.his country to Haitian agriculture and announce through the project, more than 700,000 dollars for the next year.