paddy fieldAccording to the sources, it has been revealed recently by the Agriculture Minister Mr V S Sunil Kumar that the state government would not allow reclaiming an inch of agricultural land for any other purpose and those who try to fill up the paddy lands illegally will be dealt with seriously. Further, it was stated that the state government would take steps to increase agriculture growth, which is 4.6 per cent at present. Speaking at a meet-the-press programme in Thrissur, the Minister narrated that the department’s next move would be to map land use in the state in order to make the barren land arable. The authentic and updated databank on the total area of wetlands and paddy fields in the state will be prepared and published within six months.

Furthermore, in this regard, it was stated by the Minister that areas where at present one crop is in vogue in a season would be doubled or tripled and

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steps would be taken to this effect immediately. Moreover, use of pesticide would also be controlled in the paddy fields and special force would be formed in cooperation with farmers to reduce the pesticide use in farm lands. In this matter, the Agri-shops will be launched in all districts to make available the farm products of agriculture farms under the agriculture department and associated institutions only. Besides this, the government would also encourage upland paddy cultivation in the state and the department aims 2,500 hectares of upland paddy cultivation in the first phase. In addition, it was told that a Short-term paddy seeds will be promoted for upland paddy cultivation.