A big problem has created a situation of dilemma in front of the paddy farmers of Cuddalore district. Less availability of labor has made harvest difficult for the Cuddalore district. About 50 thousand acres land is not yet harvested because of this. Crops have been ripen and are ready to harvest but farmers are worried because no labor is available in the market and in near about 14 days the paddy will be ready and it will be withered if not harvested. To initiate the work at war-footing near about 10 thousand workers and 700 hulling machines for harvesting are needed.

If it would not be done then a big chunk of crop will come to ruin and will create a great loss to the rice related business too. It is really a big task to arrange the workers in such a short span of time. Mr.Kannan V.P of the (C.D.F.A)   pointed out towards this problem. In these delta regions Chidambaram, Bhuvanagiri, Kattumannarkoil ; paddy is about to wither as they always attain maturity at the same time in these regions. It is declared that all the village carpenters, black smiths and all other village artisans)( men and women will work in unity and will be given five to seven `marakkal’ for one day labor. In past few years paddy has been losing its charm because of the system of public distribution. P.Vinayagamoorthy The President of Kollidam-Keelanai Paasanana Vivasayigal Sangam told that workforce is being attracted towards urban areas like Chennai and Tirupur for jobs, so in rural area there is a huge shortage of workforce. Even though farmers are shifting towards the harvesting machines but still the demand of labor cannot be overcome. While 700 machines are needed only 300 are available, so authorities are demanding more machines should be provided to bridge this gap. There are two kinds of hulling machines one for dry fields and one which work in wet fields. Agricultural engineering dept. claims that they have both but they seem not in the good condition, which is really a great danger for everyone who is looking for paddy crops to be good. About 50000 acres of paddy might be affected by this.