According to a news report in Manila Philippines illegal rice imports here have reached up to 200,000 metric tons last year, it is claimed by custom bureau on 21 Feb 2014.
Customs Commissioner John Philip (Mr. Sevilla) asserted this in a chance interview.A great volume of rice is being smuggled without permit. Last year only (50,000 MT) of paddy was permitted and the number has boosted up to 55 thousand to sixty thousand due to the political pressure in Thailand. Philippines has made a commitment to import paddy at 40 percent duty under the WTO, and it has been inclining by MAV (minimum access value) of that rice and outside this limit the imports are charged at 50 percent of duty.

The exceeded rice import was found from five companies: Bold Bidder Marketing and General, Inter-Continental Grains, Starcraft International Trading, Medaglia de Oro Trading and Silenty Royalty Marketing and most of the shipments according to Mr.Sevillas arrived at MICP and rest at ports in Mindanao Container Port in Misamis Oriental ,Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Cebu. Chief said that they are probing deep into the matter and investigating accordingly.Mr. Sevilla, the chief has doubt that some fake permits were made. He also asserted that he wants to make his own people accountable then start with them.