Rice farmers of Louisiana State in USA As per sources, it has been reported that the rice is a big part of Louisiana’s culture and the state grows more than almost every other state in the country. Now, state leaders are hoping to expand the industry even more by trading with Cuba. Further, in this matter it has been indicated that it is just in the west of the Baton Rouge, rice farms are working diligently providing the food that is known to all and which is being loved. However, in this year the rice industry leaders have their eye on Cuba a nation that imports about the same amount of rice that Louisiana grows. But it has been observed that exporting that rice to Cuba has been impossible for the last fifty years.

Further, it has been revealed that however, the US has not allowed selling rice to Cuba, as stated by Mr Jim Guinn. But in case if we are able to do so, it will be one of the largest markets in the western hemisphere for rice. Now that diplomatic relations are slowly starting to thaw and the local products may soon leave our ports headed straight to the island. Further, it has been described that Louisiana State exports about half of the rice it produces and moreover because of its location, experts have indicated that trading to Cuba is a no brainer. It could also provide a much needed economic boost to the local farmers. Further, it has also been stressed that farmers like KevinShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. Berkin are struggling to make ends meet. That is why he supports the state’s efforts to branch out and explore new markets to promote the business.