Rice exports are expected to boom in Nigeria in 2017-In Nigeria, the Federal Minister of Agriculture has expectations of the inclination of the milling capacity of paddy in the country till year 2017.Till now it has been increased by near about 300% in 2013 and further also the investments in this field are increasing and the nation is will be made self-sufficient by these efforts. Farm support from ATA (Agricultural Transformation Agenda) is also a great hope for the peasants, who help farmers in dry season. Initially 400,000 farmers were the target and were given help but now around 600,000 farmers have been covered by the Agriculture Ministry.
Now in marketing year 2013-14 rice production will reach near about 2.8 million, according to USDA. Nigeria has been planning to ban the import till 2015 but the farmers are suggesting that it must be done after 2019 as it can harm the country economy. The statistics shows a growth of eighteen percent from 2.37 million tons in marketing year 2012-13. US has hoped the rice consumption will also increase by 11%, so 3 million tons( last year 2.9 million tons) of paddy export would still be a need in the present marketing year, even after the growth in paddy cultivation.