Pamplonita RiverAs per recent information available, it has been reported that due to the improvement in the flow of Pamplonita River, rice farmers in the municipality of Los Patios planted 180 hectares after the authorization given the Autonomous Regional Corporation Frontera Northeast (Corponor) to resume the use of water for cultivation. Further, in this regard Mr Gregorio Angarita, Director of Corponor reported that the producers of the region stopped planting after the severe drought that occurred in the first months of the year. It was also narrated that revival permission for rice farmers from San Rafael to La Donjuana area, may have the water concession.

Moreover, in this matter, a meeting was held with the officials of local producers, a contingency plan for the rational use of water was prepared in case if drought is presented again in the coming months. The main purpose of this meeting was to generate confidence among rice farmers of the municipalities Los Patios, so they can recover their productive activity as narrated by an official. While, on the other hand, Mr Oscar Javier Mora Delgado, owner of Hacienda Carrillo, told that irrigation shifts between 7 pm and 5 am were also agreed to contribute to the rational use of water for the cultivation of rice crop.

Furthermore, in this aspect, it was also informed that after the drought of the first months, the losses were substantial, but did not specify the

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amount. However, the state was affected with seven producers in the municipality. Meanwhile, planting rice in this area generates 60 direct and indirect jobs. On the other hand, the producer of the farm Fords, Juan Diego Peña revealed that que is not expected to have any problems with the availability of water for producers of the municipality after the rains in April and May. Further, the farmers in the region have also committed themselves to take turns watering to ensure availability in Cucuta too.