Rice is the staple food for most of the people in the world. To get more quantity of production, farmers are using chemicals and artificial fertilizers, while ignoring the quality of the produce. They are forgetting traditional ways of organic farming and are practicing unhealthy ways of cultivation to get more yields. But exceptions are everywhere. Sunil Kumar, a farmer of progressive thinking, of Salwan village, district Karnal in Haryana state, took a bold experimental step in the field of paddy production. While interacting with Riceoutlook (monthly magazine) he told that he had used self-prepared organic pesticide made of butter milk, (lassi) and gaumutra (Urine of Indian Cow). Sunil Kumar explained that a small brass utensil is placed in a container with 5 kg lassi (butter milk) for 20 -25 days. After this duration gaumutra (urine of Indian cow) is mixed in lassi and this mixture is ready to be used as organic pesticide in fields, through spray pumps. This homemade pesticide will produce organic Basmati rice which is free from chemicals and full of nutrition.

Well educated and a civil engineer by qualification, Sunil Kumar chose to be a farmer and help his family and the society at large with his innovative techniques of farming and doesn’t spend any money for fertilizers and pesticides. He is very conscious towards growing healthy food for healthy India. Before joining his family in farming, Sunil Kumar was teaching in a college in Kaithal district in Haryana. He resigned from his job and started working on his new theory of organic fertilizer and organic pesticides and took it as an experimental project. He manufactured natural pesticides with natural waste of fields in the village and Indian cow’s waste (cow dung).

sunil-kumarSunil Kumar told riceoutlook, a monthly magazine exclusive on rice, that he has also prepared organic fertilizer for cultivation by adding gaumutra (urine of Indian cow) to the mixture of 5 kg stale butter milk (lassi), 5 kgs of cow dung, 1kg of old chemical free soil, 1kg of stale Gur (made out of sugar cane juice) and 500 grams of wheat flour. All the 5 ingredients are mixed well to get the organic fertilizer ready for use after mixing it with 50 kgs of kitchen ash. Sunil Kumar further explained another type of pesticide made by bitter leaves of 6 different trees. He prepared pesticide with dry bitter leaves of different trees such as Dhatura, Aak, Baile, Neem and Aarru in the equal ratio of 2.5 kgs and mixed all these leaves very well and boiled them in 20 kg Gaumutra and then added one kg of Tabaco. The organic pesticide spray is ready after the mixture is filtered. He wants to teach and motivates other farmers to follow with him, the path of organic cultivation and grow healthy crops after using organic fertilizer. Farmer can save not only expenditure but their time and labor too with organic pesticide and fertilizer to produce paddy that is full of nutrients and healthy.

Dr Pardeep Meel, Deputy Director of Agriculture Department
Dr Pardeep Meel, Deputy Director of Agriculture Department

Dr Pardeep Meel, Deputy Director of Agriculture Department, told to riceoutlook that the farmers should use organic fertilizers and organic pesticides for the production of crops to save people from chronic ailments such as cancer, respiratory problems and skin diseases. He explained that the friendly organisms are present in the soil along with the harmful insects and with the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers; the natural biological control of soil is destroyed.

Dr Sunil Bzad, S.D.A.O. of Agri. Dept. Karnal, said that he had observed and monitored the production with homegrown organic innovations which improve the quality of microorganisms. He observed that there is a 10-20% increase in the output with this method.

Dr Sunil Bzad, S.D.A.O. of Agri. Dept. Karnal
Dr Sunil Bzad, S.D.A.O. of Agri. Department. Karnal

After checking the weight of paddy on the spot he found that progressive former produced near about 25 quintals paddy from his field of one acre. This is normally only 15-17 quintal paddy produced with the use of artificial (chemical) fertilizer and pesticides in one acre area. Quality, quantity and weight of organic Basmati are satisfactory produced by Sunil Kumar with organic fertilizers and pesticides as it was observed By Agriculture department keenly. He also appreciated the efforts and unusual thinking of the farmer and observed that a marketing platform will take Sunil a long way in promoting this successful model.

Dr Sham Singh, A.D.O of Agriculture Department, Asandh
Dr Sham Singh, A.D.O of Agriculture Department, Asandh

Dr Sham Singh, A.D.O of Agriculture Department, Asandh, has also visited and witnessed the methods used by Sunil Kumar, resident of village Salvan block Asandh. Dr. Singh told Riceoutlook that this effort of Sunil Kumar should prove to be fruitful to other farmers of the region and they should be motivated towards practicing organic farming. Sunil Kumar has obtained 1675 kg basmati rice in one acre land and sold his rice @ Rs 110 per kg In This way Sunil Kumar has proved that organic cultivation is beneficial, safe, healthy and economical for farmers.