The Philippines Agriculture Secretary says that rice farmers need Govt. support to decrease the costs of production or paddy in Thailand and Vietnam. Farm needs to be mechanized as manual work increases the production cost and time; peasants are not ready for ASEAN integration in the year 2015. Post harvest facilities and automation can reduce the cost of production a lot. Filipino peasants can do better by this. The Govt. is providing sikat saka credit assurance, which is a great help to them and supports them as well, according to Agricultural secretary.

The Philippines  Agriculture Secretary says that that rice farmers need Govt. support  so that  Production costs of rice ought to be reduced in Philippines.

The Govt. offers loans upto P41,000 (around $910) per hectare if farmers grow inbred rice and P50,000 (around $1,110) per hectare if they grow hybrid rice. According to phil-rice the cost of paddy production in the Philippines is P10 per kilogram around (around $222 per ton), while it is P5 per kilogram (around $111 per ton) in Vietnam and P8 per kilogram (around $178 per ton) in Thailand. The Institute also told that labor cost accounts to about 50% of the rice production costs in the Philippines.