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The Police Department Mauritius  invites bids from eligible and qualified bidders of Mauritian nationals or entities incorporated in Mauritius for the Supply of White Basmati Rice.In this pdf the instructions to bidders are given

The Purchaser indicated in the Bidding Data Sheet (BDS), issues these Bidding Documents for the supply of Goods and
Related Services incidental thereto as specified in Section V, Schedule of Requirements. The name and identification number
of this procurement through Open Advertised Bidding (open for local and overseas suppliers) are specified in the BDS. The
name, identification, and number of lots are provided in the BDS.

Unless otherwise stated in the BDS, this procurement shall be financed by the Public Body‘s own budgetary allocation.

Prices quoted by the Bidder shall be fixed during the Bidder‘s performance of the Contract and not subject to variation on any account in respect of changes in production cost, unless otherwise specified in the BDS. A Bid submitted with an adjustable price quotation in this respect shall be treated as non-responsive and
shall be rejected, pursuant to ITB Clause 31. However, if in accordance with the BDS, prices quoted by the Bidder shall be subject to adjustment during the performance of the Contract, a bid submitted with a fixed price quotation shall not be rejected, but the price adjustment shall be treated as zero.