The scheme of the Govt to provide subsidy to the rice farmers has been failed because new elections are on the way and present Govt cannot take any debt till that time and now the farmers are under utter confusion in Bankok.
The Govt introduced a plan to give forty percent more price of the rice to the peasants, this lead to over cultivation of the rice and Govt was left with huge store of grain because Thai rice lost the competitiveness in the market.
 A Chinese company withdrew the deal to purchase that huge stock of the rice and now near about 20 million grain is in danger of ruining in the stores and warehouses. This program was totally engrossed with corruption. It seems fishy as no figures were revealed ever according to the reports. Rice pledging scheme of 2012 made Thailand crowned king of exporters which it was for at least 30 years, but soon the cheaper rice took the place of premium rice and it ruined the earned image and the rice was smuggled from neighboring countries like Burma and Cambodia but was given the tag of Thai rice only.
Now this has been investigated By NACC. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her ministers are doubted to involve in this scam and are trailed for this. Before this the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra brother of present prime minister won election by giving subsidies and this scheme was copied from there. Even though the present health care scheme is good but still the rice pledging scheme is the worst one, introduced by this Govt. Now anti-Govt people have got the clue against them and they are asking for elections.
Now it seems that in this tug of war farmers may have to wait till next elections. Major Bankok intersections were blocked by the protesters and they want a reform council should take over the Govt. without any election, even a strong protest against elections was held on 2nd Feb, if the elections will be stood off that means that rice farmers will get their share without any wait.
 Prime minister has assured that she will re-adopt the scheme, which is tempting farmers to be with her and in what way the allegation of corruption will be sorted out is not yet cleared.