On 11 Feb Thai peasants showed a strong protest against and plead to His majesty the King-For many months the scheme of rice pledging, which is allegedly engrossed in corruption has been postponing the payments of peasants for their rice pledging for many months and they are under great crisis. They have started street rallies in many provinces.

It has been reported that the money of near about one million farmers is still pending and has not been paid.Prakasit Jamjaras, who is the leader and is one of the victims, has finally thought to plea to His Majesty and he submitted his plea regarding this in morning to Royal Household Bureau and their group blocked the roads in Phichit’s Bung Narang district. This plea was signed by near about the group of 3000 farmers. Bureau’s official declared to offer moral support to near about 120 farmers. Many others also demanded investigations on the issue and said that Govt. has launched the scheme, so they must take the responsibility and should think over the pros and cons of the things before launching it. More than 1000 farmers blocked the Asian Highway situated in Angthong’s Chaiyo district and in Kanchanaburi, Kanchanaburi-Suphan Buri Road was blocked by near about 200 peasants. In Ratchaburi’s Pak Tho district also Rama II Road was barricaded. Police is also unable to take any step in this situation.