Smuggling of Rice-It is estimated near about 80000 bags of rice are smuggled into Nigeria; this estimation is made by Akinwumi Adesina, who is the Minister of Agriculture and rural development. Mr. Adesina made this announcement on the occasion of public hearing on the federal Govt. new rice tariff regime. This new rice regime was organized by House of Representatives committee on custom and exercise. Smuggling of commodities like rice, chicken and fish is being much and must be checked and penalties must be exercised. `Smugglers must be imprisoned, who are making Nigerians economy hollow’ was quoted by Minister. According to the minister federal govt. planned to exercise rice levy fund (inclined from 20 percent to 100 percent) to enhance local production and to enhance the inclination of investors towards the local rice production. However it is supposed that the policy might be reversed to stop the illegal efforts of smuggling of rice. Some unscrupulous Nigerians are trying to weaken the economy and making so many other fellow Nigerians unemployed. Some importers of rice are even purchasing the local rice and branding them as imported one; otherwise the policy was good but could not be acted upon properly because of illegal activities.