Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) has commented that after the reversal of government’s rice policy, around 11 ships carrying rice policy will reach in Lagos ports between March 24 and March 26. The ships would anchorage at ENL, ABTL and GONL, all in the Apapa quays. i.e,
The ships are carrying trade from Silvretta, Star Capella, Quest, Aeolos, Lake Hakone, Maraki, Wariya Naree, Aqua Runner, Hector and Atlantic Trade and few others would sail in containers with sugar, wheat, fish, steel product, fertilizer and general cargoes. The shipment for petroleum products is already waiting to anchorage at various ports.

The Government said that it is because of increase smuggling of the rice that the policy is reversed as the smuggling of rice is grratly increasing from the neighboring countries which reduced their import tarrif as with Nigeria’s increases.
In order to improve the local production of rice, the agriculture minister, Akinwunmi Adesina introduced the rice  policy to increase tariff on rice importation, but the policy was reversed due to increasing smuggling of rice from the neighboring countries.

The other challenge which Nigeria is now facing is due to major threat of flooding. The Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN) yesterday appealed to federal government to check the annual flooding caused by river Niger.

Secretary of the association, Malam Aliyu Kawu has expressed confidence that the completion of the project would assist in rice production, checking unemployment and youth restiveness in the country.