New Comers in Rice-There will be less competition in Thai market because local supply is more than enough these days. Some exporters are still waiting for state to clear 18-20 tones amass from rice undertaking but few of them have moved towards niche market. Mr. Teerin,MD of Soonthorn Tanyasap( new comer rice co.) told this that there is much potential in border areas of Thailand and the credit can be given to the booming travel and tourism. Even Mr. Teerin pointed out that it is really beneficial for them to move to the border market because the neighbors don’t have much paddy supply and it is a good opportunity to earn.
Mae Sot, which is a district of Tak has neighboring border with Myanmar, which is popular amongst foreign as well as native tourists. People buy unpledged rice to ensure the quality as the premium quality rice is liked by all the tourists visiting here, so it would be great good news for exporters if they can make good relation with farmers and suppliers. Thai rice is not popular amongst the people because of some internal reasons. In Hong-Kong, china and Spain the demand is at full peak and is really appreciable.
The biggest hope lies in the fact that Thai people adore rice so much, they cannot sacrifice their love for rice as for some time they might move to Pizza and other kind of food stuff but ultimately they cannot get rid of their choice for premium rice and every exporter can get a chance to gain benefit, it has been reported that the annual consumption of commodity rice is from 10.4 million to 10.7 million per year. 31 -32 billion packed rice was in demand in year 2013 and now it has inclined by 5 percent. So Soonthorn Tanyasap is looking for a great business in border areas.