Namibia: Brooding over to have full scale rice production-Ancient and oldest rice importer Namibia is planning to get into full-scale rice production soon to improve food security of the country, according to local sources.
An agricultural research technician in MAWF, reported to the sources that the installation of modern groundwork at the Kalimbeza National Rice Project near Katima Mulilo will lead Namibia to incline its rice production and elevate the country’s food security. TheMinistry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry technician says that cultivation of three varieties of rice will end by Feb 2014, which is part of trail farming.
The MAWF target is 75 tons of paddies from 30 hec land, which is corresponding to an average of 2.5 tons per hectare.  It is expected that two more small rice varieties, Angola and Irga are expected to enter in local market by March 2014 and long one Supa will be there before May 2014. Warehouse, storeroom and research laboratory, a milling machine and the office complex will also be developed as a plan.
University of Namibia (Unam) and universities in rice proficiency for eg: Nagoya and Gadja Mada in Japan and Indonesia will make Namibian more efficient and will instill necessary skills in them.