According to Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF), Myanmar plans to expand its rice exports to about 3 million tons in next five year that is in short it means Myanmar: Rice Exports to triple by 2018-19. The Secretary General has commented that government will be framing new trade policy to expand into new markets.

But in order to increase the exports, Myanmar will have to build all seasons’ ports, construct high capacity warehouses, rice reprocessing plants for high volume storage. To achieve the 3 million mark the government will also need to fund the needs of farmers, and help them earn profits as currently due to deficient funding and subsidies, farmers are obligated to borrow at high interest rates. Also government will need to tackle increasing illegal exports to China through Shan State’s Muse border.

The new policy will be aimed to increase production and exports, but also attract foreign investment in the rice sector, as currently as per the sources, Myanmar exports are expected to decline to about 1.1 million tons in FY 2013-14 (April- March), which is 45% lower by previous fiscal year i.e. from 1.6 million tons due to declined demand from China and increased sales by Thailand. However USDA has estimated an export up to 1.3 million tons of rice in 2014 (January-December).