keralaKerala to secure rice by Sea passage-The Food Corporation of India (FCI) has declared that rice will now be transported to Kerala via sea route from Andhra Pradesh. The Corporation has confirmed that around 62,000 tonnes of rice (raw and boiled) have arrived in containers with almost zero transit loss and in tidy condition.

Currently the permitted level of transit loss is about 0.1 to 0.2 percent for the rail consignments and which can be further reduced by using containers for transport, as per a FCI official.

Both Raw and boiled rice ( 63 tonnes of the rice) first time arrived in containers and also achieves the zero transit loss. It is now decided by the Food corporation Of India (FCI) that the transportation of rice to Kerala now will  via searoute from Andhra Pradesh because it gives the advamtage of the zero transit loss and also clearance consignments.

This step would also help in saving cost as rail consignments incurs unloading cost due to consignments arriving on no unloading operations day i.e. Sunday. FCI is positive if there are no labour trouble then the new arrangement will be beneficial for all.

Currently FCI transports 1.40 Lakh tones approx of rice and white constituting half of the consignments from Andhra Pradesh.