Japan International Cooperation System(JICS)-Supply & Delivery of Rice Under the Food Assistance Project (Kr 2013) By the Republic Of Sierra Leone.

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The tenderers are hereby invited by Japan International Cooperation System (JICS) as the Agent of Ministry of
Trade and Industry of the Republic of Sierra Leone, for supply and delivery of rice. The Government of Republic
of Sierra Leone received a grant from the Government of Japan for supply and delivery of rice according to the
Exchange of Notes signed on February 5, 2014 between the Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone and the
Government of Japan. This present tender is open to only Japanese firms* who have bought the Tender
Documents from JICS. The eligible tenderers are limited to those who satisfy the qualification requirement to
participate in tendering procedures indicated in the attached form “QUALIFICATION TO PARTICIPATE IN
In purchasing the Tender Documents, the name of firm/company, the name of a person in charge and contact
information shall be required for further communication.

The term “Japanese firms” shall be defined as Japanese juridical persons controlled by Japanese physical
persons, the majority of whose share is held by Japanese physical persons or Japanese juridical persons and
the majority of whose board members are Japanese physical persons.