Italian rice brand is concentrating more on environmental concerns-It has been proved by an Italian rice brand that environment is really a major concern for them and they are more environmental quality conscious. So they are going use the certification of (Bilancio Co2=zero) on their packages.  It means that Balance of Co2 production is equal to zero, while producing rice. Consumers are really welcoming this idea and are tended towards the purchase of this particular rice. In next few months the company has been planning to reveal the details of carbon footprints, which are produced by production of each Kg rice and through a code they can read ` `carbon footprints’’.
 This Italian company is there in rice business since 1875, and it is reported that they are using rice husk as a fuel in their biomass power station. They preserve the energy to use it in milling rice and excess is sold to electrical grid. Husk ashes are also re-used to insulate materials in steel and iron industry.
 This transformation is really remarkable and would be acceptable by environment lovers and is beneficial for mankind.