India is brooding over the plan of expanding irrigation facilities .India wants to increase its irrigation arrangements and wants to leave its dependence upon monsoon as Irrigation facilities are going to increase the low yield of rice.
These amenities will increase around 107 million hectares by the year 2017, and the increase will be of 10% from present coverage, which is near about 97 million hectares.
Irrigation facilities can help farmers in the state of scarcity of water and increase the harvest and growth of paddy, about 55 percent of paddy is dependent upon rains still the rain fed areas are also unable to give proper productivity, so extra water reservoirs are required. World average is 4.4 tons and India stands out at around 3.6 tons per hectare and scientist are thinking over this matter of low productivity in rain fed areas. Indians production of rice is 105 million tons per year in rice. It is hoped that proper irrigation facilities are going to increase the production by 10 percent .