IRRIIRRI (International Rice Research Institute) has noticed that Assam can be a rice surplus state and has agreed to provide necessary technological support to the farmers for popularizing water resistant paddy varieties.

A delegation of IRRI has recently surveyed the state’s flood prone crop land and had a meeting with Minister Nelamani Sena Deka, Agriculture misnistry proposing on local trails on agro- climatic zones for introducing and safeguards variety adaptability.

Earlier IRRI developed Swarna SUB-I variety of paddy, cultivated after state procured 2 tons of seeds. Director General IRRI, Robert Zeigler has emphasized the requirement for “phase wise strategic improvement of capacity building”. For the very first time harvesting from the water resistant varietySwarna sub 1 was ther for the use accross the state by the farmers of the state. There was a spread of the rice production over the entire state in an area of 24.88 lakh hectares. 17.5 mond per bigha was harvested by the farmers form Swarna Sub-1 which seems to be a high yielding variety of flood resistant. It can therefore generate a minimum of 10-15 mond per bigha yield if will stays under the flood water for the 14-18 days .

Out of 28.11 lakh hectares, 4.93 lakh hectares is chronically flood prone. Current rice production is spread over 24.88 lakh hectares, stood at 52.33 MT.