Iraq grain board purchased 110,000 tonnes( 60 thousand of Thai+ 50 thousand tones of Vietnamese) of Vietnamese as well as Thai rice grain, at the cost of $450  initially said the officials on Wednesday. Chaiyaporn and Toepfer were the places from where it was bought much. Official sources contacted by Reuters did not open their mouth on the issue that who are the sellers?  As it has been reported that the first tender was announced only this year by grain board of Iraq to buy minimum 30,000 tonnes of rice and the deal was struck. Bidding deadlines were extended from 27 Jan to 4th Feb.
It has been a long practice by Iraq to purchase more rice then declared and most of the deals were not able to get mature because of less reliability and they officials even doubted a reckless supply ability of the Asian suppliers and finally it concluded in purchase of Thai and Vietnamese Rice .Officials says that Iraq intended to purchase more rice in 2008 from the same but the lower projected prices by Asian suppliers might have ruin the plans.
Iraq wants a reckless supply of the grain and is negotiating for more 100,000 tonnes, especially targeting on Asian Rice. It has been estimated by traders and officials that 90,000 tonnes are needed since October. Last September and October were massive paddy buying months and near about one million tonnes of rice from North America was purchased. When import bill boomed in 2007 then Govt. disrupted it in 2008. .
according to the board officials it is the fault of the politicians’ and bureaucrats as Umm Qasr port got 145,000 tonnes of rice in January this year and the demand is not yet fulfilled.