Indian ability to produce rice bran oil is pointed out by solvent extractor`s association of India, it has declared that India has ability to produce 1.5 million tons of bran oil each year, but demand is negligible,  and huge quantity export of edible oils is not permitted here.
According to present scenario near to 900,000 tons of rice bran edible oil is produced and only 30000 are used directly and rest is being blended with other edible oils.
India is highest producer of this edible oil and next to it are Japan and then Thai and china. India produces near about seventy five percent of the whole globe`s production of bran oil and 70000, 60000 and 50000 tones respectively for above described companies.
Ten million of edible oil is presently exported which also includes palm oil, sunflower and soybean oil. Other oil imports can be reduced and from domestic market the rice bran oil can be used instead as a better option and spending about 600 billion can be controlled. Even If India makes a proper policy then rice millers can be tempted to sell the rice to them and bran oil can be extracted from that. Near about 4 million of oil is used as cattle feed.
 Hopes are high and 50000 tons production is inclining day by day. India is the second largest producer of paddy and the boom is yet expected according to USDA