Chinese government will donate rice worth $24As per recent information, it has been revealed that the commercial banks are not clearing online Form E in Pakistan for rice exports to Iran and are not yet ready for transactions with Iran. Moreover, there is not any procedure has been outlined so far in this regard. Further, it has also been indicated that the Pakistan exports are on the declining side on the back of global economic slowdown which calls for tapping any export opportunity with the global trading partners .However ,  such irritants like missing banking facility may not help to increase the export volume of the country too .In this matter recently , the  President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver has pointed out that the exporters are facing hardships and are unable to finalize orders from Iran despite no sanctions exist against Iran.

Shanti Agro Industries Private Limited, Cloud Based Sorting Machine
Shanti Agro Industries Private Limited, Cloud Based Sorting Machine

Furthermore, in this regard, it is pertinent to note that no sanctions can ever be imposed on food and medicine items as per United Nations charter is concerned .However, since Iran was boycotted by SWIFT, the trade with Iran became impossible and goods were being shipped to Dubai and from there to Iran accordingly. As now that the sanctions have been removed, the  businessmen have become very active for exports and imports to and from Iran but are unable to go forward due to lack of clarity about procedure in this aspect.

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