Thai quality rice has now improved, it was declared by minister of commerce of Iraq, sompong and it can helps in having High hopes for Thai rice to win the bidding: Iraq .

It is hoped that Thai rice quality has been upgraded and because of that it can win the contract by bidding in Iraq. According to ministry of commerce, the rice export value of Iraq steeped by 99 percent. The Iraqi government will release the results soon. In starting two months of the year the rice to Iraq became us $2000, 000.

And the export value declined by 19 percent compare to last year.  But now, Thai rice traders are also being competitive in prices, previously they were unable to compete with the quality rice, so were banned. Now that ban has been removed by Iraq. The price proposed is on CIF (cost insurance and freight, which is much higher than the current free on board price sompong the minister said that 20000-40000 tonnes of rice is expected get imported from Thailand,if the bidding is won by it and it gives high hopes for Thai rice to win the bidding.
Bidding contracts are won by the Rice exporters so as to sell it to Iraq now this month for the veery first time. The bidding results will be announced by the Government of Iraqi very shortly.