ColombiaAs per sources, it has been reported that the National Retail Federation (Fenalco) and Central Corabastos in Bogotáa have not yet registered greater variations in the prices of their products following the arrest of conveyors, so traders do not expect an increase too steep inflation in June.  The Fenalco President Mr. Guillermo Botero revealed that in June that no large increases in commodity prices as traders had reservations for the sale were recorded. Further, the biggest problem, according to the President of Fenalco, is the lack of storage space port and other places for imported goods remains dammed up there with the decline of freight transport in these 29 days of unemployment

Further, in this matter, however, Mr Botero warned that if the strike lasts for more days, it  will be reflected in the inflation figures of July and August as stocks products for sale are depleted, forcing traders to raise prices. As for perishable foods, the Central de Abastos in Bogota (Corabastos) reported a significant an increase in the prices of these products. By contrast, the report shows that Corabastos decreases in the prices of some products such as green peas, carrot and corn due to the start of the harvest midyear. Other products that have decreased their price are green beans and onion which went from $ 190,000 to $ 170,000 per package since improved its offer. However, the leafy vegetables, rice and potato prices remained stable. Furthermore, according to Corabastos, arracacha and Welsh onion prices remain high due Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. the stoppage of conveyors, which prevented distribution to supply centers in the country.