Booming rice grain prices are really a great issue for the peasants, as they are not benefited by the rise of rice prices and are worried as the customer of Taiwan is also worried about it.
Farmers of Taiwan demanded investigation on the booming prices of rice grain- In Taipei, association of peasants of Changhua County wants a probe into the matter of rising prices of indicia and japonica rice. As these surging prices are harming consumers as well as peasants and they are worried about this.  There is a rise of NT$41.43 (US$1.38) per kg in indicia grain and japonica grain NT$40.62 per kg according to Liao chen -hsein.

Last year plants were ruined typhoons and diseases this was told by an executive from the Council of Agriculture named Liao, who went for investigation of hub of Tianjhong and wanted to know the real matter. Rice output is too low so the farmers are unable to get benefit of this hike. It would be further investigated if the distributors are holding the grain and making profit or it has any other reason. He also called for the rice stocks to be sold on reasonable prices.