preserve water in paddy season in IndiaAccording to the sources, it has been reported recently that since the notification for paddy transplantation season has been issued, with farmers are being asked not to initiate paddy transplantation before June 15 as per the Sub Soil Water Preservation Act, 2009. In addition, the Agriculture Department has also started educating farmers to adopt measures to preserve water too.

Further, in this matter the Chief Agriculture Officer Mr Inderjit Singh, has urged farmers not to water the farms which have been vacated after wheat harvesting. It was revealed that this practice was quite prevalent among the farmers, which did not do any good to the farm and instead wasted thousands of litres of water unnecessarily.

Furthermore, it was emphasized and informed to farmers to water the standing crop as per requirement and only in the evening time, whichShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. would save plenty of their water. Moreover, it was also advised to the farmers to increase area under the maize crop according to the crop diversification programme which will lead to profitable too.