Rice truck in colombiaAccording to the sources, it has been reported recently that on behalf of 29 days trucker stop cargo transportation companies recorded losses exceeding 700,000 million pesos in Colombia.  Sectors such as hog farmer and rice are concerned about the food shortages. In addition, the transport of concentrate to farms has fallen by more than 30% and this puts the production of pork in the country at risk, as narrated by the President of Asoporcicultores Mr. Carlos Maya. It was told that in a few days the strike could affect consumer prices which may be between 15% and 20% price increase. In this matter, the rice farmers are also concerned about unemployment, as from 15 July starts out the year's most important crop. Since rice is a product highly perishable as it is freshly harvested, but takes in the next 12 or 24 hours at a site. Sawmill can damage the quality and can lose the product, as stated by the President Fedearroz, Rafael Hernández.

Further, in this context, it has been indicated that meanwhile, cargo transportation companies reported losses of 746,000 million pesos. The industry feels supremely affected, because we cannot ship the cargo entrusted to us load our generators, according to the President of Asecarga, Jairo Herrera. It has also been reported that in Pasto, Nariño, taxi drivers blocked several sectors of the city to protest the lack of fuel, which is one of the effects Trucker arrest.  On the other hand, Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas, reported normalcy in the country's roads and has revealed that the authorities have accompanied 690 caravans so far unemployment. It was informed that the police are ready to ensure the integrity of the carriers who want to work. The authorities are ready to ensure their integrity, not only to individuals but also to vehicles that want to go to work, as narrated by Villegas. Further, it has been described that the most difficult points to reach an agreement between the truckers and the government are paying of freight, since trucking associationsShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. ask to be recognized a higher price, fuel prices, and not may be charged on the tracks under construction and fund resources for scrappage should be increased.