Dry Bag is the most effective, easy to use and safe moisture absorbent for your containerized rice exports.

Drybag for moisture protection of rice inside export containers
Drybag for moisture protection of rice inside export containers

· Most advanced Desiccant to safe guard your rice export cargo from moisture related damages.
· Best Desiccant for long voyages even up to 90 days.
· DMF free and comply with RoHS compliance of European Union.
· Drybag one unit is equivalent to 10-12 kgs of Silica Gel
· Packing options of Tyvek, Non-Woven, Complex paper and PE/PP available.
· Accepted all across the globe and no restrictions on usage of this DRYBAG inside container.
· Highly recommended by major inspection agencies like SGS, BV, Intertek, Geochem, Cotecna etc for its effectiveness over silicagel.
· Easy to store, long shelf life and very easy to install.
· After usage, our products can be disposed along with regular waste.
· Environmentally friendly, disposable and fully recyclable.
· Requires no loading space, designed to fit perfectly in existing corrugated container walls.
· More cost efficient than other existing products on the market.


  • Agricultural Products: Rice, Maize, Ground Nuts, Coffee, Tea, Spices, Wheat, Corn, Cocoa, Raw Cashew, Chilies, Onions, RPS, HPS, Sesame, Sorghum, Soya and packed Food Products.

ABS Impex:

· We manufacture desiccants from 0.5 gms to 2.5 kg using Silicagel, Calcium Chloride, and Active mineral.
· ABS carries out a focused R&D which has led to a number of innovative product features and solutions and views itself as a pioneer in the desiccant industry.
· We offer the best and most economical moisture absorption desiccant solutions.
· Our products are specifically designed to meet your needs for safe transportation of your cargo all over the world.
· Dry Bag power Desiccant has an absorption rate of over 250%.
· Higher Efficiency = More Savings = Higher Profits!
We supply our container desiccants to major rice exporters from all over India for their export shipments in containers all across the globe.

About Company 

ABS IMPEX: We would like to introduce ourselves as ABS Impex – manufacturers and ABS Impex – manufacturers and suppliers of dressing materialsuppliers of dressing material (Drybags+Craft paper) used inside export containers.
We have been supplying our Dry bags and Craft paper to all major exporters from all over India for the past 4 years for their shipments by containers. We maintain ready stock across all major port locations in India like Chennai, KPTNM, Kakinada, Vizag, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Mundra and ICDs like Delhi, Raipur, Nagpur and Kanpur. We are servicing exporters with our world class container desiccants and tailor made craft paper options to suit the requirement of customers for their rice exports by containers.

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Mr. Srinivas

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• Bootstrapped Indian operations for Absortech, Swedish desiccant company, and successfully lead the business in to profits by the end of first year
• Received Exceptional Contributor Award for FY 2006-07 in Airtel and was invited for lunch with Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal – CMD