Rice pledging scheme is now under process of monitoring.
Deputy Commerce Minister Yanyong inspects warehouses of rice in Supan Buri( Bankok)-Commerce minister Yanyong has been travelling to different warehouses in Supan Buri and has ensured that there is complete transparency adopted about the quality and quantity of rice in the warehouses. In Supan Buri the rice under pledging scheme has been kept in the warehouses. No any quantity rice has been found missing from the ware houses of Muang District, which was reported by the group of people. He also requested to private people and the rice specialist to monitor the matter.  Some of the ware houses in Uthai, Phetchaburi ,Lopburi, and Thani, have reported the damage by fire or flood otherwise there is no sign of stealing of the rice or taking off the rice from the place has been yet seen.