Flood tolerant Varieties of RiceAccording to the sources, it has been indicated by BSS that the cultivation of flood-tolerant varieties of rice continues successfully in recent times to increase rice output in Bangladesh where the farmers again achieved bumper production for the fifth consecutive time in last season. The tremendous success in farming of flood tolerant BRRI dhan51, BRRI dhan52, BINA dhan11 and BINA dhan12 rice varieties has ushered in a new era in the agriculture sector to ensure national food security even amid changing climate. Moreover, like in the previous years, the farmers got excellent yield rates of flood tolerant rice varieties between 4 to 5.5 tonne paddy per hectare during the last Aman season even after submergence of growing rice plants for over two weeks during floods.

Further, in this regard, according to the agriculture experts, an enhanced cultivation of flood tolerant rice has been increasing rice production in Bangladesh in recent years to ensure food security bringing fortune to thousands of the farmers to improve their livelihoods. Farmers informed that they harvested bumper yield of flood tolerant rice varieties despite the tender plants successfully sustained submergence and resumed normal growth again after recession of floodwater from flood-prone areas in last season. The rice farmers also thanked to the Stress Tolerant Rice for South Asia and Africa (STRASA) project for extending assistance with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) funding through the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in achieving the success.

Shanti Agro Industries Private Limited, Cloud Based Sorting Machine
Shanti Agro Industries Private Limited, Cloud Based Sorting Machine

Furthermore, it has also been revealed that the STRASA-IRRI project was implemented with GO-NGO collaboration during the past five consecutive years to substantially increase rice output in Bangladesh making the country self-sufficient on rice despite climate change impacts. In addition, the IRRI Representative for India, Nepal and Regional Coordinator of Stress Tolerant Rice Programme for South Asia at IRRI-India Office Dr US Singh also highly lauded the success of Bangladesh in enhancing cultivation of stress tolerant rice. It was narrated that the success achieved in expanding cultivation of flood- drought and saline- tolerant rice in India, Nepal and Bangladesh in recent times, while the Bangladesh has brighter prospect for further expanding cultivation of these rice varieties.

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