Collapse of rice pledging scheme has really broken the heart of local leaders in Phichit and they are brooding over the step of joining an anti-Government protest in the form of people`s democratic reform committee to sooth the poor farmers, who could not get right prices for their crops. Ruling Pheu Thai party is delaying the payments of the peasants again and again for many months and more than 40,000 farmers have gone unpaid for their paddy, the reason told by The Bank for Agricultural cooperatives (BAAC) is that they have not got the approval on additional budget for the particular scheme from the Govt. side.

Village heads and 100 kamnans gathered for demanding their rights at BAAC here to demand payments according to the scheme and also asserted that they should not be forced to repay their loans as they have to manage their expenses till the Govt. order on releasing the payment. Round about 300 kamnas demonstrated in front of Phichit Provincial Administration organization and are pondering over joining PDRC, as they have hopes from next elections.
Kittisak Rattanawaraha, chairman of Northern Farmers Network has also warned that farmers from near about five provinces would unite on Bangkok to demonstrate against the government. “We will use 100 farm vehicles per province,” he said.

The Public Warehouse Organization has accused Kittipong proving unable to transport more than 1,260 tons of rice to the scheme. Corruption has caused serious losses to the scheme and deteriorated it completely.