It is expected that Thailand will get the benefit of seasonal conditions and good weather and would remain at the no 2 position after India in the biggest exporters of the globe (because in Thailand climatic conditions adversely affected on the rice growth ). It is said that China, India, Pakistan and the Philippines etc. are facing climatic criticalities, it was reported in FAQ`s first market monitor report for the year 2014. Colombia, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Nepal also became favorable growing grounds for paddy whereas Myanmar, Russia, Laos and Cambodia did not show any favorable weather for paddy.

Overall paddy production inclined from 3.5 million tons to 744.9 million tones on milled bases it was 496.6 million and the inclination was of 1.1 percent from the last season rice grains. Floods, storms and other discrepancies in weather also affected the yield. It could be 751 million tons (500.7 million tons milled bases) than the current rice grain harvest. Developing countries are held responsible for increase in stockpile which is now increasing with 3.2 percent than previous. Particularly talking about India, Pakistan, United States and Vietnam, it is projected that 3 percent rise will be notices till then end of 2013-2014 MY.

In Thailand favorable conditions of weather has made Thailand an enormous competitor in the flied of rice or we can say Climatic conditions adversely affected on the rice growth. Paddy pledging program of 2013/2014 had pledged a huge stock of paddy and will finish and would remain it is hoped that it will reach till 1.1 million tons in 2014, as the Govt. is releasing the stock since the end of 2013. India and United states have drew back a little from the market so Pakistan, Vietnam and Thai reserves will be used and sold and would be compensated by this. A rice grain growth can be visible. Report shows that Govt. of Philippines has already announced import tenders in the month of April; it would be an important decision for the backdrop of crop due to adverse climate, if the import buyers will enter then the downward pressure on prices will be exerted. India will also remain on no 1 position according to the authorities.