CHUADANGA common people are suffering from hike of rice price commodity and it is really a tough time for them. Even though, it has been reported that the reason behind this is that the targets of Aman production are completed.

BR-11  rice price is Tk 36 per kg, BR-28 rice price is Tk and old one was Tk 33, Miniket price is now Tk 51 compared to old one, which was Tk 46 whereas other boorish rice is being sold Tk 3 over Tk 4 per kg , this hike in rice is visible in just one week.

There are different reasons reported by divergent members as Mr Nurul Islam, who is amongst one of the wholesalers in Chuadanga Kaderganj market has said that the price hike has been done due to the strikes and blockade and DAE office sources are telling that as the production target of 71990 Meteric tones on 31300 hectares of land has been achieved and there is no reason to increase he prices, this price hike is artificial. Totul HOssain, a primary school master has put the blame on the wholesalers of the district whereas they are denying this and putting the blame on the continuous strikers.

As the paddy has been increased under the Aman production and the targets have been gained by fulfilling the requirement then rice price hike is obviously the artificial one and need to be considered, as it can increase problems for dwellers of the this particular district.