Rice Peasants-The Finance Ministry is brooding over the matter of taking loans from the banks to pay the peasants who sold their paddy under pledging scheme. It is said that near about 32 banks will be invited for the tenders and even the figure is not disclosed but 130 billion are required to pay them. The chairpersons of Bank`s labor union repelled the idea of lending money. BAAC, GHB, EXIM Bank, SME Bank GSB and Government Housing Bank all gathered in order to discuss it further. As state banks have refused to pay the amount now Govt. is looking towards the commercial banks and is calling tenders for loan amount. Labor organizations said that they would never allow the social security fund should be used to pay to the peasants under rice pledging scheme.

It is suspected that the scheme is ruined with corruption. The pledging scheme has already incurred losses as it was not capable to sell paddy at a price of higher than the Bt 15,000-per-tonne rate last year, which was promised to peasants. The payments were to be facilitated through BAAC it is said by Deputy Commerce Minister Yanyong Phuangrach but he further said that he is not aware about the loan. He also blamed that anti Govt. demonstrations are
responsible to threaten the state banks from aversion of the approval of loan as BAAC is directly refusing to release funds, which is complete in-charge of the scheme.

Thousands of farmers had already demonstrated grievances on roads and so Govt. is compelled to take the action and will take loan from the commercial banks. According to one news ( NACC) will resolve two of the related cases against Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra about the pledging scheme.Yingluck  is accused of non performing his duty.