Australian Farmers-Recently the federal government has speculated regarding finalizing a board deal to liberalise and boost market access to Japan, to which the Australian peak farming body has requested the government not to be stressed out by Japan’s agricultural lobby. Due to this  Australian Farmers conflict with Japan.

The government has declared to sign FTA with Japan by September, but the farmers’ federation is concerned that there could be withdrawals in the deal to pacify the influential Japanese groups to protect their agricultural commodities.

NFF president Brent Finlay has commented in recent conversations that they have experienced a quick reinforcement by Japan for their key agricultural commodities, which are rice, sugar, beef, diary, grain and pork sectors and fought successfully to protect them.

Australian Farmers 

The huge agricultural lobby firms in Japan like Zenchu, worth estimated $40 billion have influence, as recently NFF was disappointed when rice was carved out of FTA deal with South Korea, but still the federation is trying to ensure that tariff regime remains an important point of speculation with Japan negotiations as all Australian sectors need to get improved market access.

The Japanese delegation has not been giving any comment on the negotiations made on beef and they are extremely intelligent in their commentary.

Currently Japanese trade with Australian was worth $71.1bn in 2012, and if deal is closed then it may add $39bn to Australia’s economy over next 20 year as Japan is Australia’s second largest trading partner.