It is estimated that Australian production of rice may step-down to the level of 653,000 tons. In the MY 2013-14 (beginning March 2014) the downfall of 22% is noticed from the figure of 835,000 tonnes of the last year and from USDA projection it was four percent and decline is projected by 11% from near about 114,000 hectares from the previous year.
Lack of rainfall in winters Rice area in Marketing year 2013-14 is predictable to decline to around 101,000 hectares, down about 11% from around 114,000 hectares in the previous year. Higher temperatures are also being held responsible in the yield. Domestic consumptions will be around 350,000 tons in marketing year 2013-14, this also another speculation. Around 500,000 tons exports is speculated to be unchanged from the previous year.
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