Argentina exports showing up and down trends-Argentina rice exports have shown drastic up and down movements in the recent years. If we study the export trends from 2005 which were less near about 350,000 tons and rose with 80000 tons near about. The fall is visible in Year 2007 again and it mostly equals to the figure of 2005. In 2008 exports were less than 300,000 tons followed by a drastic rise in 2009 and reached little bit up than 700,000 tons which is really a stunning figure. The figures of 2007 and 2010 were equal and exports were noticed near about 350, 000 tons.
 The most essential transformation in rice export figures was visible in year 2011 it was near about 790000 tons again a steep fall was noticed with 610,000 tons near about and finally in 2013 it is only 100,000 tons less than 5000,000. It is really a baffling data and thing to be considered.

Total during January – November 2013 fell down about 19% from about 608,176 tons rice exported in the same period in 2012. Argentina has exported near about 24,812 tons rice in November declined about 43% from November 2012.
Major places for Argentina in November 2013 were: Brazil (about 63% of total exports), Chile (15% of total exports) and Bolivia (about 14.5% of total exports.