APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) will exclude Madhya Pradesh even though lots of efforts were made by the rice traders and peasants to avoid this decision. In the year 2009 agricultural and processed food products export development authority wanted to have protection for Fragrant long grain rice and applied to GI registry for this. As APEDA is responsible for the protection of India’s premium Basmati yield and uses exclusive Basmati Tag for the long grains cultivated in Indo- Gangetic Northern states of  Haryana, Uttarakhand, Punjab, HP and 26 districts of western UP and J&K( two districts).

Earlier it was said that MP will also be included in the geographical locations of APEDA as MP is marked as a growing area of Basmati but the application was turned down and MP was not included in the GI protection application. This is not really good news for the rice traders and peasants there in MP. APEDA claims that the artificial surroundings can never take place of naturally grown Basmati. As the climatic conditions of the Indian-gangetic areas gives a unique aroma and flavor to the long grains of Basmati and MP has higher temperature compare to the other areas which come under the geographical boundaries, where exclusive Basmati is grown. So this claim is not right accordingly. GI label for exclusive Basmati confirms that it is grown in certain climatic conditions and it premium in its fragrance and virtue.

The producers of the areas which does not provide the same climatic conditions are prevented to use this tag and according to the claim of the local people APEDA has spent more than 7.6 crore on trails on basmati and 200 pending cases are still there in around fifty courts worldwide. Indian is counted as a largest exporter of premium basmati and has a great respect for it. It is projected that rice production in 2012-13 will reach up to 4 million tons up and  about 12.5% from around 3.5 million tons in FY 2012-13. A GI tag is expected to further boost India’s basmati rice exports.