An app on Crop Manager for Rice-based Systems (CMRS) According to the recent information available, it has been reported that the Union Agriculture Minister Sh Radha Mohan Singh released an app on Crop Manager for Rice-based Systems (CMRS) for better crop production and nutrients management for Bihar farmers. In this regard, it has been revealed by an official of the Department that CMRS app provides information to the irrigated and rainfed farmers with rice-based cropping systems in Bihar with a crop and nutrient management guidelines customized according to the needs of an individual farmer.

Further, it has been stated that the Minister released this new CMRS app in a programme organized by ICAR-RCER in Patna. The sources described that the app is designed for its use by the extension workers, crop advisors, input providers and providers of services who interview a farmer using a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. It has also been reported thatShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. the new CMRS app was adapted, evaluated and verified in Bihar through collaboration of Indian Rice Research Institute (IRRI) with the Indian Council for Agricultural Research- RCER (ICAR) and other institutes accordingly.