Algiculture, facinating innovation for paddy farmers-Great good news is there for Indian farmers that they can gain much benefit with same investment. They don’t need to have much land, nutrients or any other cost. They can gain double by adopting Algiculture, a new technique devised by a Ph.D student of Institute of Sciences (IISc). Additional crop would bring a new hope of success for paddy farmers. Growing rice with oil-producing algae can make the paddy crop much finer and richer and farmers can look for more profits. In semi arid areas it is more beneficial as they can generate additional 100 kg of algae bio-fuel and multiple cropping too. Algae bi-fuel and is a renewable source of energy. Abhita, the Ph.D student has really given a great hope and was second runner up teaming with Vikas Gujral from ISB(Indian school of business) in the `Power of Shunya’(power of Zero) competition and won 2.5 lakh prize money. In this technique rice are harvested every afternoon and are made dry and then oil is extracted and also cattle supplement is gained. The dung is finally used in the rice lands to grow more rice.The project Tumkur in Karnataka, is projected by Abhitha which has great benefit for land fertility. According to Abhitha, rice is harvested in 44 million hectares in the country, and even if 17 per cent of it is used for ‘algiculture’, India’s fuel needs can be met with no additional energy input.