Paddy_West_BengalAccording to the sources, it has been reported that the Agriculture Department of Jammu has introduced a revolutionary Paddy Drum Seeder for expanding area coverage under paddy cultivation .A simple machine weighing less than 10 kgs and costing around Rs 5000 has been introduced through Private Public Partnership (PPP). The mode of demonstration of the machine was conducted today at Seohra (Pounichak) in the presence of Director, Agriculture Jammu Dr S S Jamwal .In this matter, while elaborating the benefits of the machine Dr. Jamwal narrated that only three persons are required for handling the machine which can sow an area of one acre in a span of two to two and a half hours’ time only.

Further, in this regard it has been reported that on an average two seeds are sown per hill by the machine in lines at a spacing of 20 cm row to row and 10 cm plant to plant thereby leaving a scope for efficient mechanical weeding by Cono-weeders as well as manually. The sowing by machine also makes other inter-cultural operations like fertilizer application, plant protection measures and harvesting operations convenient as  it also  saves labour, reduces drudgery, maintains uniform plant population and economizes cost of cultivation. It has also been revealed that the farmers present on the occasion expressed their great appreciation for the machine and demanded more such demonstrations and provision of machinery on subsidized cost initially for its popularization.

Furthermore, the Director of the Agriculture Department, Jammu appreciated the zeal of Madeshwaran of KSNM and   Chaman Lal farmer of Seohra who made special efforts to provide necessary facilities to organize the demonstration. At this occasion, the Deputy Director Agriculture, Jammu  Mr C. M. Sharma, Chief Agriculture, Jammu Sh R. L. Bhagat,  ADO (Veg), Jammu, S Matinder Singh, JAEO Sh B. S. Manhas, VAEAs Sh Vikas Padha, Naresh Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar besides Sh Raj Kumar Sharma, Sarpanch Tarlokur and farmers of the area were also present during the demonstration programme.  Mr  Arun Jaral, JAEO and K K Bhat, JAEO were the Resource Persons of the demonstration Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.programme held under the supervision of  V. K. Koul, AEO, Pounichak zone.