Will the rice prices boom in Dhaka-Rice import has boomed in recent years because of poor Govt. food storage and a peak price in domestic market. It is a great fear among experts and the business people that private sector might dominate the market as the reserve of rice by the Govt. has been significantly reduced. A year before the reserve was 1.3 million tonnes and now it has stepped down from 942000 tonnes to 700000 tonnes. Now it has been clearly visible that a price hike is more likely to be expected in the near future. CPD, (Center for Policy Dialogue) suggested that Govt. should purchase rice from India or any other supplier for inclining the food stock otherwise the prize rise would invade the market. If the public stock will not rise then private retailers or importers would get a chance to control the market. Director General of food said that there is not such scope of shooting up of the price and this speculation is completely wrong and Govt. would raise the stock with more than one million, which is really a comfortable level for grain storage. It is said by the Govt officials that Govt is not interested in increasing the prize at all. According to the data, between July and December the import of paddy was only 350 tonnes and the last one was 2200 tonnes in the last financial year 2013 due to this rice prices have risen up from TK2 to TK 5 recently.